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Detector dogs are helping French Polynesia to combat drug smuggling in the Pacific

09.28am 03 August 2022 | Social Media

New Zealand Customs has been working jointly with NZ Police and our colleagues in French Polynesia over the last three years to train them to detect illicit commodities being smuggled into the territory.

The detector dogs are first trained at the NZ Police Dog Training Centre in Trentham, before being settled into their new operational environment in French Polynesia.

A member of our Detector Dog Unit returned from French Polynesia this week after delivering training to the French Polynesian Customs and Gendarmerie Detector Dog Teams. This included training for deployment in cargo, mail and fast freight as well as some preparation for airport and marine environments.

Territories in the Pacific can be a significant transit point for drugs from the Americas. Through our support to them, we are helping to stop drugs from reaching New Zealand, and further strengthening our Pacific partners against transnational criminal groups.