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Online shopping

Before shopping online, be sure you think it through carefully and that you know all the possible pitfalls.

  • To find out where your parcel is, you need to contact the shipper. Customs doesn't store goods and can't track or trace your parcel.
  • The "What's My Duty" tool can help you estimate duty you might need to pay Customs.
  • Some items aren't allowed to be brought into New Zealand.

"Where's my parcel?"

To find out where your parcel is, you need to contact NZ Post, the courier, fast freight or shipping company. Customs does not store or track goods, and we cannot trace your parcel.

"What's my duty?"

The What’s My Duty? tool can help you estimate any Customs charges and taxes.

If you are bringing items into New Zealand for commercial reasons, for example to sell or for a business, you need to contact a Customs broker who will liaise with Customs on your behalf.

Rules for importing tobacco

The rules for importing tobacco have recently changed, and a permit is now required to bring or receive any tobacco into NZ, including gifts. Please visit the tobacco page for full details of the new requirements.

Some items aren’t allowed to be brought into New Zealand

Check the full list of prohibited and restricted imports.

Examples of prohibited items include:

  • some dog breeds
  • dog-tracking collars
  • objectionable material
  • equipment for using cannabis or methamphetamine
  • luxury goods of Russian origin including vodka, truffles, seafood , precious stones, and other luxury goods of Russian origin worth more than NZ$1000 including clothing, footwear and personal electronics. This prohibition applies to goods made in Russia, no matter where they are sold online or shipped from.
  • gold of Russian origin
  • oil, gas and coal of Russia origin.

Other goods of Russian origin can still be imported but if they are over NZ$1000, they will be subject to a 35% tariff.

A full list of all prohibited Russia origin imports is available in the Russia sanctions register on the Trade Measures tab. The register is regularly updated as new sanctions are imposed, so please check it before buying Russian made goods online.

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Other items need permission before you can bring them in. Examples of items that require a permit to import include: