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Border Protect turns 1

02.43pm 07 April 2022 | Social Media

A year ago, the Border Protect campaign was launched to encourage and educate New Zealanders to “look, listen, report” information on border threats, within and beyond the coastline.

It encourages people to recognise and report potential signs of crime around our coastlines, and within all points of our supply chain, including in Customs-controlled Areas (CCAs), air and sea ports, and other businesses in the supply chain.

Over the past year, our Border Protect teams have made significant developments and are continuing to build key relationships with industry partners, local businesses, and the community.

Our teams have also attended trade shows, met with Iwi and Customs’ patrol vessel, Hawk, has deployed to several areas in support of Border Protect.

As a result, several reports were made over the last year, providing information on suspicious behaviour around the coastline and within New Zealand.

Supervising Customs Officer Liam says “in mid-March we delivered a face-to-face presentation to a supply chain company.

At the conclusion of this presentation the company referred a suspicious shipment they had been dealing with and this was subsequently found to contain a significant quantity of a class B controlled drug. This result truly reflects the importance of positive engagement with industry.”

Anyone can call the 24/7 confidential hotline 0800 WE PROTECT (0800 937 768) if you see signs of potential crime around coastlines, air, and seaports, international freight arrival areas, and Customs Controlled Areas (CCAs).

Find out more about Border Protect and what you can do to protect New Zealand here