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Border Protect

Help us to protect New Zealand.

Our border is not just at airports – it’s everywhere people or goods could enter our country, including our sea ports, coastlines and international freight arrival points. Cross-border crime can occur in any of these places, and the signs can be visible within your community or workplace.

You can help protect New Zealand by reporting unusual activity in your community and around our coast - or in your workplace if it’s within a supply chain business.

Your tip can make a difference

One of the country’s largest drug seizures was from a private vessel abandoned at Ninety-Mile Beach as a result of suspicious activity reported by locals.

What to look out for

Different things could indicate cross-border crime depending on where you are. Select a location from the options at the bottom of this page to find out what to look – and listen – for in different environments.

If it doesn't seem right, report it

Drugs harm our whānau, our businesses, our communities and our way of life. Your tip could help protect your community from illicit drugs, smuggling and other crimes. You do not have to provide any personal information to make a report.

You know your environment. If it looks suspicious or doesn’t feel right, report it.

Be discreet and stay safe

Before you report

Read about the information you should collect, if you can, and how to stay safe.