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Getting started

Find out how to register as a TSW User, and information on completing registrations, lodgements and excise submissions within TSW.

What is Trade Single Window?

Trade Single Window (TSW) has two main functions:

  • Registration of importers, exporters, approved premises and Trade Single Window system users
  • Submission of cargo and craft reports and clearance requests (known as ‘lodgements’) and excise declarations.

The information is submitted by commercial importers and exporters, their agents, freight forwarders, shipping lines and airlines. New Zealand border agencies use this information to assess risk, collect revenue and provide responses.

More information about registrations, lodgements and other TSW functions can be found further down the page.

Applying to Use TSW

You'll need to set yourself up as a TSW user before you can submit or view lodgements and registrations. Detailed guidance is provided in the Fact sheet Registering to use TSW (PDF 1.03 MB)

If you're applying to use TSW you'll need to declare yourself competent as part of the registration process. Competency requirements include to act in a professional manner, and be a 'fit and proper person'. Competency needs to be maintained for the duration of your TSW registration with Customs.

Once you have prepared your supporting documents, there are three basic steps to become a TSW user:

Some users also need to be a declarant

A declarant is a TSW user who has the authority to complete those lodgements that include a declaration. Declarants have to complete any necessary competency assessments before being approved.

See the Fact sheet Applying for a Declarant Code to submit lodgements (PDF 480 KB) for more information.