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Transition phase

10.45am 01 October 2019

Customs is committed to ensuring freight can continue to flow to avoid any impact on NZ businesses or trade.

As signalled since 2012 and agreed by the industry, the move to introduce TSW electronic delivery notifications has always been intended to reduce the risk to New Zealand’s borders being falsified as well as provide a more efficient and effective notification process. Procedure statements were updated in 2017 to allow a transition period while everyone on-boarded to TSW. 

Freight forwarders and CCAs have requested longer to trial new processes and fix some external software bugs. Customs has agreed to have a transition phase of five weeks, where the e-DO should be searched for, but in the event it cannot be found the manual paper DO can be accepted. Regular errors should be noted and the entry number provided to Customs to investigate with the broker submitting.   

Following the five week transition phase, paper DO’s will no longer be accepted. It is recommended organisations and CCA’s organise their new processes as soon as possible to avoid the peak period over Christmas. The four week transition phase will begin on 1 October and finish on Tuesday 5 November.

It is important that TSW users ensure their email and other contact details in TSW are current. This can be done through the Admin of Org.

If you have any queries, please email