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Updates to procedure statements for electronic notifications

09.15am 09 August 2019

As all WCO3 lodgements are now mandatory, Customs will shortly be issuing updated procedure statements to all Customs-controlled Areas (CCAs) to ensure operators are set up to receive and act on electronic notifications from Trade Single Window (TSW).

These notifications provide Customs and MPI directions on releasing or holding consignments and must be accepted and acted on without CCAs requiring hard copy delivery orders. 

From 1 October, hard copy delivery orders should only be accepted in the event of system outages as part of business continuity processes.

For now, this only applies to clearance and examination notifications.  For pre-clearance movements of cargo between CCAs and other premises, Customs’ Continuing or Single Permission to Move and MPI’s General Authorisation of Carriage processes will remain in place until the TSW Domestic Transhipment Request process is piloted and introduced.

TSW notifications are automatically sent to the Location of Goods stated on an Import Declaration or Inward Caro Report. For sea freight, the Port of Discharge is the assumed Location of Goods.

You should only enter a Location of Goods for sea freight if you need to send the clearance or directions notification to a location other than the Port of Discharge.

For further information on notifications, see How TSW Notifications Work.