Location of goods codes

A valid Location of Goods code must be entered in an Import Declaration.

Import Declaration includes a field called ‘Location of Goods’. This refers to a freight forwarder’s store, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Transitional Facility or Containment Facility or other premises approved by us and MPI to hold imported shipments awaiting clearance.

A valid premises code must be shown in the ‘Location of Goods’ field:

  • when the shipment is arriving by airfreight or post
  • for sea freight shipments, when the location of the shipment is different from the port of discharge eg, the shipment is at a freight forwarder’s premises or an MPI Transitional Facility.

This list shows the Location of Goods Codes [XLSX, 36 KB] for approved premises in each port region. If you are submitting Import Declarations via TSW Online, you will need to find the code in this list. In a later phase of TSW development, the codes will be provided as a drop down list in the Location of Goods field.