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Make a complaint

Find out how to make a complaint – and maybe it’ll help us do things better next time.

Sometimes things don't go as well as we hope. If you have encountered a problem with some aspect of our service, please let us know. We are interested to hear from you and, if we are wrong, will always do what we can to put things right.

How to make a complaint

If you wish to make a complaint to Customs, please contact us stating:

  • your contact details
  • where and when the problem took place
  • what went wrong
  • what you would like to see happen.

You can also file a complaint in writing; or email your complaint to; or speak to someone at the National Contact Centre on 0800 4 CUSTOMS (0800 428 786).

If your complaint relates to a Customs employee, please contact the Integrity Line

What Customs will do

You can be sure that Customs will listen to your complaint and that we will treat you with courtesy and fairness as we work through it. You can also be assured that your dealings with us will stay strictly confidential.

Once you have made a complaint, we will:

  • investigate it promptly and thoroughly
  • not discriminate against you for any reason 
  • acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days and provide you with a contact point 
  • aim to issue a full response to your complaint within 20 working days or, if this is not possible, let you know when that will be
  • advise Customs management on how your complaint might help us improve our service.

If you find you are not happy with the way we respond, or if you feel there are issues that we have not addressed, please let us know.