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Travel movements request

Requests for individual's travel movements.

Customs protects New Zealand by stopping dangers, hazards or threats from entering the country. To do this we collect information about people, craft and goods that cross New Zealand’s borders.

Customs officers analyse this information to check for risk and to stop it before it crosses the border.

You have the right under the Privacy Act 2020 to request access to any information about you that we hold. This covers all personal information, including about your travels.

If you would like to request your travel movement details, please follow the instructions below.

The following documents are required to support the request:

  1. A signed letter stating what information is required. This letter must also include the applicant’s postal address and email address. (Please note, we cannot accept electronic signatures.)
  2. A copy of a current signed ID, eg, Passport or Drivers Licence (if the request covers a maiden name as well, please provide a copy of your Marriage Certificate).

These requests can be emailed to:

Or posted to:

Passenger Movement Checks
New Zealand Customs Service
PO Box 2594
Queenstown 9349

Please note that these requests may take up to 20 working days to process.

Travel movements are only available from approximately mid 1990s. We are unable to provide information prior to this approximate date.