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Before you report

Be discreet and stay safe.

If you encounter suspicious activity or objects, don’t get involved or do anything that makes you feel unsafe. Don’t touch anything – it may be dangerous and you could harm vital evidence.

Discreetly capture all of the information you can, (this may include taking a photo), including where and when the activity happened and, if relevant:

  • details of people, companies or organisations involved (names, addresses and contact details if known) and any identifying features
  • document details and/or payment method (if you work in a Customs-controlled Area or shop)
  • vehicle, boat or aircraft details (colour, size, make, name, registration) and direction of travel

You may not have a lot of detail. Either way, don’t hesitate to report anything that doesn’t seem right, however minor it may seem - your tip could make a difference.

If it’s an emergency

Call 111 and ask for Police when:

  • someone is badly injured or in danger
  • there's a serious risk to life or property
  • a crime is being committed and the offenders are still there or have just left
  • it's happening now or has just happened.

This information is available on the New Zealand Police website.

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