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New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD)

As an island nation, New Zealand has a unique position to effectively protect New Zealand’s border and natural resources. Across the public and private sectors, there is a commitment to making New Zealand safer and more secure by reducing the border risks associated with international trade and travel.

Being able to rapidly respond to changing circumstances or events at the border, is critical to New Zealand’s continued prosperity and international relations.

In August 2023, the New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD) was introduced to deliver the digitisation of the paper ‘Passenger Arrival Card’ and support the safety and security of New Zealand.

Everyone travelling into New Zealand needs to complete an NZTD. It’s free and travellers need to answer questions about their trip and what they’re bringing into the country.

Using the new NZTD system, travellers to New Zealand are able to submit a digital NZTD in advance of travel through the NZTD website or the NZTD app. The data collected feeds into border risk assessment by Immigration, Customs, Biosecurity and Health agencies as and when appropriate, so they can consider intervening with a traveller if needed.

For travellers who cannot complete a digital NZTD, an NZTD paper declaration form will continue to be available.

If a traveller completes a digital NZTD, they do not need to complete an NZTD paper declaration form.

Promoting NZTD

If you can help travellers learn about NZTD and New Zealand’s entry requirements, please share our toolkit resources - Air or Cruise.

NZTD features

  • Accessibility and usability.
  • Travellers will be able to make as many updates to their declaration as they like up until they reach passport control in New Zealand.
  • Smart and dynamic question sets will allow questions to be added/adjusted/removed with ease and will allow follow-up or clarifying questions to be asked based on rules and configuration.
  • Improved privacy and data sharing controls.
  • Integration with operational systems at New Zealand’s ports to allow for a more seamless experience for travellers.

NZTD information releases