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Exporting New Zealand Grape Wine Direct To Consumer (DTC)

03.47pm 14 June 2022

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has introduced regulatory changes that permit wine with approved export eligibility to be exported in individual consignments of up to 27 litres “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) without an export eligibility statement. 

This follows consultation/discussion with stakeholders.

From 1 July 2022 DTC wine exporters and their agents are required to use the “prohibited” code “DTC” to effect Customs clearance of their exports on the Trade Single Window system.

“DTC” may be used for consolidated consignments exceeding 27 litres in volume providing each individual consignment within the consolidation does not exceed 27 litres.

DTC wine exporters must comply with the requirements of the Wine Notice: Export Requirements and Exemptions . This includes:

  • all wine in a DTC wine consignment must be registered within MPI’s Wine e-Cert and have current export eligibility, prior to export, and
  • records must be kept of each DTC wine export that includes the exporter name, consignee name, volume of wine exported and destination country.

DTC wine exporters and their agents are advised NOT to use the prohibited code “SAM” in respect to DTC wine exports. “SAM” may be used to effect clearance of wine exports that are trade samples of NZ grape wine up to a maximum of 110 litres in any one consignment.

If you have any questions regarding DTC wine exports please contact MPI,