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A reminder of specific Other Information Field (OINF) codes

02.35pm 14 December 2022

Where an OINF code applies, the relevant code type must be entered under the Additional Information Field on the entry.

The OINF codes are specific to a situation that needs to be reflected correctly by the declarant for the goods being imported or exported. For example, when a ship or boat is being exported from New Zealand under their own power, the OINF code to be used is EXP.

The OINF codes must be entered on an entry to relay correct and proper information to Customs and Statistics New Zealand. If an incorrect code is used or the field is left blank where a code is required, an administrative penalty may apply.

The following table contains some of the codes that are commonly misused or omitted on Customs entries. Please take note of these codes and ensure that they are correctly entered if required on an entry.

OINF - Other Information Code


Purpose for which goods were exported / imported


Goods for repair, replacement or processing; Non-returnable samples; Goods that have already been accounted for on a previous entry; Shipping containers used to export / import goods

Repair; Samples; Short shipped; Returnable shipping containers


Goods on lease, loan, or charter e.g., exhibition goods

Lease / Loan


When a specific Tariff item number for parts does not exist (quantity should be '0')



Passengers goods and personal effects

Passenger Baggage


Fuel / Oil to be used on voyage by ships and aircraft



Ships and aircraft being exported from NZ under their own power

Exported Ships and Aircraft


Ships and aircraft being imported from NZ under their own power

Imported Ships and Aircraft