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Arms prohibition order update

07.43am 12 July 2019

Certain ammunition is now prohibited from importation. The systems checks on most of HS Tariff Chapter Heading 9306 are now in place, to facilitate the processing of legal ammunition imports.

Importers must be aware of the types of ammunition now prohibited. If importers are unclear after checking the Order, they should contact

Brokers must be advised by the importer of ammunition whether or not any of the consignment is prohibited ammunition. If the consignment of ammunition contains no prohibited ammunition, NPA is to be entered in the Prohibited Code field. If the consignment contains any prohibited ammunition, the Prohibited Code PAM is to be entered.

Key points

  • Unlike newly prohibited firearms and parts, there are no exempt classes of importer who can obtain a permit to import prohibited ammunition.  Importation of prohibited ammunition is restricted to certain government agencies
  • Point of importation is 12 nautical miles (differs to that for firearms/parts
  • Checking controls have been put in place by Customs across most ammunition HS Tariff codes (9306)
  • Importers are advised to familiarise themselves with the ammunition types prohibited, to avoid seizure and destruction
  • “Glow in the dark” paintball or BB pellets are not considered to constitute “tracer ammunition”

The New Zealand Police has updated their website.