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Decisions on review of goods clearance fees

12.00am 12 December 2019

Acting Comptroller of Customs Bill Perry says changes to Customs fees for clearing imported and exported goods will come into effect on 1 June 2020.

“The new fees are the result of a recent review of goods clearance fees, which Customs consulted on extensively in August this year.”

”New and updated fees will reflect where the cost of identifying risks in sea and air cargo lie and are shared more fairly.”

“Since fees were last reviewed in 2006 the type and volume of goods crossing the border has changed significantly, with considerable growth in the volume of lower value goods imported and exported by air.”

“The new fees will support Customs capability to protect New Zealanders from the risks arising from this growth, and new ways of smuggling drugs,” Mr Perry says.  

“The key principle underpinning the fees is equity - those who generate need for and/or benefit from Customs activities should pay for them.

“The level of fees for importers and their agents will increase, while exporters will see significant decreases in four of the six export-related fees.

“The costs to consumers will be minimal should freight forwarders choose to pass fee increases on because the proportion of the fee attributable to any one consignment is very small.”