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Economic Recovery - E-Commerce

01.54pm 06 August 2020

Due to COVID-19, and the limited resourcing currently required at airports nationally, Customs has an opportunity to look closer into the trade space to ensure that all due revenue is being collected. Part of this work will be focussed on the fast freight industry, and Inward Cargo Reports.

This targeting exercise will commence from 03/08/2020 and run for approximately six weeks. It will see an increase in the amount of inspections Customs will carry out from Inward Cargo Reports.

CAPEC companies should be aware of this increase and Customs asks for your understanding around this. All of these inspections will be undertaken at the Auckland Air Cargo Inspections Facility, and will likely be turned around within a 48 hour period.

This targeting exercise is in addition to the current holds Customs has in place in relation to imported fast freight.

Any concerns in relation to this should be forwarded to in the first instance.