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Competency assessment for excise agents

08.06am 15 June 2018

Last year an update to Trade Single Window (TSW) added the ability for registered users to lodge excise entries, also referred to in TSW as excise declarations.

Customs has been working with excise licensees since that time to help them become registered users in TSW, and obtain declarant codes.

Recognising that excise licensees may choose to seek the services of an agent to lodge entries on their behalf, Customs has developed an agent competency assessment for excise declarations.

Similar to the other competency assessments that Customs administers, this is designed to test the depth of knowledge around the excise regime and the responsibilities of a customs agent.

Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be given permission to lodge excise declarations on behalf of excise licensees for all excisable goods i.e. alcohol, fuel, and tobacco products.

This may be restricted to a particular commodity if appropriate for your level of knowledge, or the range of clients you wish to submit excise declarations for.

If you are interested in acting in this capacity, please contact the excise officer at your local Customs office for further information.