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JBMS Release 10 outage 7–8 April 2017

12.00am 07 April 2017

Contingency plans for industry during the R10 Outage Goods considered for Trust delivery during the period of the R10 outage must fall under the following criteria:

  • Imports – Perishable goods, machine down, life or death
  • Exports – within the outage period
  • Other cases will be considered on their own merit.

Please note that the date of import or export must be during the outage period.

If you require urgent or trust delivery please email: and include “Urgent Trust request” in the Subject line.

Please also provide the following information in the email:

  • Reason for request
  • Date of import or export
  • Importer/Exporter name (and client code if known)
  • Broker name/code
  • Flight or vessel
  • Bill number
  • HAWB
  • Number of packages
  • Weight
  • Goods description
  • Job number
  • Entry number (if known)
  • ECI Number (if known).

Please also advise ITOC at the above email address when you have received the final electronic clearance confirmed in your system.

Fast freight urgent export clearances

Where possible, you must use the legacy messaging system – that way you should only be affected by the 5.5 hour responses outage. Please continue submitting all lodgement transactions (OCRs, ECIs and export entries) as normal and within the prescribed timeframes.

If you require clearance of an OCR, then please email a copy of the manifest to ITOC. This will be stamped with a manual clearance and emailed back.

For large volume export ECIs, please email a copy of the Master Bill along with details of sample HAWB’s. The sample HAWB’s will enable us to locate the ECI lodgement in our system. ITOC will email a blanket manual Delivery order for the master AWB. Also included in the email will be details of any individual shipments not authorised for loading. Any shipments that require an export entry can be reconciled after the system is up and running.

These requests should also be emailed to ITOC and include “Urgent Trust request” in the Subject line. For multiple export shipments please also use this spreadsheet.