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"Luxury goods” import and export ban

08.58am 09 December 2022

Importers, exporters and their agents are reminded that from 4 November a wide range of goods of any origin have been prohibited from export to the Russian Federation, or from import to New Zealand if their country of origin was the Russian Federation.

“Luxury goods” have been defined in the Russia Sanctions Regulations by HS Tariff classification, so all goods in the classification are covered, regardless of value or condition. The import ban applies to goods with a Country of Origin of Russia. The date these goods left Russia is irrelevant, as is country of export. If the goods commenced their movement from the overseas supplier to New Zealand prior to 4 November 2022 they may be considered “en route”, and be exempted from the import prohibition. The importer will need to be able to prove this movement before 4 November with invoice and waybills for example.

Further, there are a wide range of HS Tariff classifications subject to the export prohibition in place for goods going to Belarus or the Russian Federation. There is no de minimis for any of these prohibitions. The 35 percent tariff  on imports still applies, and remains payable even if goods seized.

Importers, exporters and their agents are strongly recommended to check the Russia Sanctions page on the MFAT website for further information, including FAQs, and to check the Russia Sanctions Register on this page (click on the Trade Measures tab) to view the wide range of HS Tariff classifications affected.

Any questions can be sent to