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New excise duty rates for motor spirits - March 2022

05.21pm 14 March 2022

From 15 March 2022 12:01am the excise and excise-equivalent duty rates on motor spirits will be 45.024 cents per litre.

This is a temporary reduction of motor spirits duty for a period of three months starting on the date of commencement which is 15 March 2022 and ending at the close of 14 June 2022.

This is a decrease of 25 cents per litre of motor spirit.

The new rates are those set out in the Excise and Excise-equivalent Duties Table (Temporary Reduction of Motor Spirits Duty) Amendment Order 2022.

Motor spirit products removed from a licensed manufacturing area or imported after midnight on 14 March 2022 will be subject to the new rates.

The Working Tariff Document and the Excise and Excise-equivalent Duties Table reflect these rates.


Published: 14 March 2022