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NZBN mandatory in TSW Registrations from 28 January

09.05am 26 January 2018

TSW users who create client codes, please note that this weekend the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) field in TSW Registrations will become mandatory for Organisation Types “Company - NZ Registered”.

A new "Lookup NZBN" link is provided to assist in finding the NZBN.

This replaces the need to provide the New Zealand Company Registration Number. However, a copy of the NZ Certificate of Incorporation is still required for NZ Registered companies.

This is not located on the NZBN website but can still be retrieved from the Companies Office website.

The NZBN field is mandatory for both creating a new TSW registrations for a NZ registered companies, or updating an existing registration if the NZBN is not already captured.

You can find out a company's NZBN by using the NZBN lookup link in TSW or checking the Certificate of Incorporation.

When the NZBN is completed in TSW you can click on the "View in NZBN Site" link to view other company information, such as Director names.

We intend to automate capturing such details from the NZBN database and will let you know when the plan for this firms up.