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Ombudsman announces new OIA inquiry

08.22am 17 December 2019

The Office of the Ombudsman has announced that it is launching a new inquiry into whether 12 central government agencies, including Customs, have addressed the weaknesses that were identified in a 2015 investigation into Official Information Act compliance and practice.

The investigation aims to review the progress made by agencies toward implementing the action points given in the earlier investigation, and to establish whether agencies have the leadership, culture, organisational systems, policies and procedures in place to support good practices to achieve the purposes of the OIA. The investigation also aims to identify areas of good practice, and make suggestions for improvements if any are identified and, over time, help improve capability in OIA practices across the public sector.

Have you sought information from Customs within the past 12 months? This can include seeking information on the website, through phone calls and emails, or through Official Information act requests. If so, the Office of the Ombudsman welcomes your input into its investigation via the public survey, which is open until Friday 24 January 2020.