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Part II Concession Ref 80(b), (c) and (d) - New Written Undertaking forms

08.00am 13 December 2023

As from Friday 15 December 2023, Customs will be implementing changes to the Deed of Undertaking forms currently in use for vehicles, vessels and aircraft that are entered under Part II concession Ref 80( b), (c) and (d).

The three new undertaking forms will replace the current DOU calculator form completed by Broker and the DOU statutory declaration form that was prepared by Customs.

These forms are also located on the Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft webpage

The undertaking form can be completed at the time the entry is prepared by the Broker, this will need to be signed by the owner (electronic signature is acceptable) and must be attached to the lodgement with other relevant supporting documents. (The current DOU calculator form will no longer be required.)  

Brokers must enter the following details on the lodgement:

  • Other Information Type’  field  select Deed of Undertaking


  • Other Information Data’ field enter the Customs number/client code or surname of the importer

As from Monday 15 January 2024 old forms will not be required.

Customs website has been updated to reflect the changes and can be found under the Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft  section.