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Proposal to allow Customs to join AISA

03.31pm 27 September 2018

Submissions are open on a proposal to allow Customs to join an Approved Information Sharing Agreement.

The Government is proposing to allow Customs to join an Approved Information Sharing Agreement (AISA) which currently exists between Inland Revenue and the New Zealand Police. An AISA is a legal mechanism under the Privacy Act 1993 that authorises sharing of information between agencies, to facilitate agency cooperation and efficiency in shared public service delivery, while meeting privacy expectations.

This AISA allows Inland Revenue to share information about serious crime with Police, to support effective law enforcement. By becoming a party to the AISA, Customs will be able to obtain information from Inland Revenue in relation to crimes such as drug importation, money laundering and trading in objectionable material. This will provide us further vital information to assist us with investigating and prosecuting such crimes.

This AISA only involves sharing information regarding serious crimes that are punishable by at least four years’ imprisonment. There are strict criteria that must be met before Inland Revenue can disclose any information to Customs, and limitations on how Customs can use the information.

Further information, and a discussion document, are available on the Inland Revenue website. We invite submissions from members of the public and interested parties. Submissions close 30 October.