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Russia Sanctions Update: 35 percent import tariff from 25 April 2022

08.58am 22 April 2022

The latest Regulations made under the Russia Sanctions Act 2022 impose a 35 percent tariff on all imports of goods of Russian origin. This comes into effect on 25 April 2022 and applies to all goods of Russian origin regardless of country of export. Any consignments en route to New Zealand prior to 25 April 2022 are exempt from this tariff.

Importers of goods of Russian origin to which the tariff applies should enter Concession Code 100001C in the Concession Field on Trade Single Window. The system will automatically calculate the tariff payable. The entry will system clear.

Importers of goods of Russian origin exempt from the tariff (as the goods were en route to New Zealand before 25 April) must not input this concession code, but must upload documentation to TSW to validate the claimed exemption. The documentation will be checked by a Customs