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Russian Sanctions: Information for Exporters and Importers

03.36pm 24 March 2022

MFAT has published a Russian invasion of Ukraine webpage and a Russian Sanctions webpage. These webpages will be updated frequently and are kept current in this rapidly evolving situation.

The Russian Sanctions webpage lists all entities currently designated. Those with “asset freeze” by their name are prohibited from exporting or importing their assets (includes “goods”), into or out of New Zealand. This restriction includes “transhipment”. Importers and exporters are reminded to exercise due diligence when researching either the end user or the source of goods.
Traders, and in particular exporters, should check the FAQ page on the Tradebarriers website. A list of the questions and answers arising from the recent trade webinar on the situation is posted there. Listen to a recording of this webinar: An Update for Exporters on the Ukraine Crisis. This website is an exporter focussed helpdesk shared between MFAT, NZTE, MBIE, Customs and MPI. Exporters can post further questions for answer on this site.