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Sending Certificate of Origin data to China

12.00am 12 May 2017

In December 2016, New Zealand and the General Administration of China Customs (GACC) launched the Joint Electronic Verification System (JEVS).

This system sends Certificate of Origin (CoO) information to GACC, which is compared to the Chinese Import Declaration. If all details match, the shipments are cleared with ease and the traders utilise an efficient trade process between both countries. To date, almost 17,000 certificates have been sent to China via JEVS with less than 1% of these requiring follow up enquiries.

Recently, traders advised New Zealand Customs that some CoOs do not appear on the GACC system, and FTA preference claims are suspended. Shipments are held at the border until the preference claims are resolved. We suspect this is a technical issue as over 99% of the enquiries show the data has been successfully pushed through. Our liaison officer based in Beijing is working closely with GACC to resolve the issue, and we hope to have this resolved as soon as possible with minimal trade disruption.

If you have been advised by your customer in China that a shipment has been held at the border because the CoO data is not in their system, please provide with the following details:

Important: The GACC Importer Declaration Number is the most vital piece of information required. Without this number, the GACC team will not be able to remotely release a shipment.

  1. Chinese importer (full name)
  2. Chinese buyer’s details (if different from above)
  3. New Zealand exports full name
  4. Chinese port of entry
  5. Date of importation
  6. Mode of transport (sea/air)
  7. Was the consignment transported direct to China or through another country / countries?
  8. GACC Import Declaration Number
  9. Tariff Item on Chinese import declaration
  10. Description of goods on import declaration
  11. Declared (CIF) value of goods on import declaration
  12. Was the China - New Zealand FTA preferential duty rate claimed?
  13. Was a New Zealand issued FTA CoO lodged with the import declaration (provide number)?
  14. Has the import declaration actually been ‘rejected’ and, if so, have GACC provided a written reason for doing so (attach copy of notification of rejection)?