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Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (SGG) Levy Regulations consultation

04.03pm 22 April 2021

The Ministry for the Environment is consulting on changes to the NZ ETS and SGG Levy Regulations

To make sure the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) performs as well as it can to reduce emissions, its regulations are tweaked and updated every year.

Some of the changes are more significant this year – so it’s worth a look at the consultation if you’re involved in the scheme.

The consultation includes the following proposed changes to NZ ETS and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Levy Regulations:

  • Update unit limit and auction price control settings
  • Update the default emissions factors (DEFs) for waste and natural gas fields, and update other DEFs and reference data to reflect new global warming potentials
  • Update the electricity allocation factor used in industrial allocation
  • Improve the methodology that accounts for waste in the NZ ETS
  • Update the schedule of goods covered by the SGG levy
  • Implement new regulations for an NZ ETS auction monitor.

Find out more information and have your say at the Ministry for the Environment's website.