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The Comptroller has recently made four new Rules

10.18am 13 January 2022

All four rules will be effective from 17 January 2022.

The Customs (Applications for Customs-controlled Area Licences) Rules 2021 and Customs (Applications for Registered User System Registration) Rules 2021 revoke and replace the previous rules of the same name respectively, and prescribe specific electronic message formats for applications that reflect the user experience of Trade Single Window.

In the Customs (Applications for Customs-controlled Area Licences) Rules 2021 the existing legacy form is retained however. These Rules also make minor changes to the rules relating to the persons that are required to make fit and proper person declarations when application for a Customs-controlled area licence is made.

Applications for registered user system registration can only be made through Trade Single Window, so there are no legacy application forms prescribed in the Customs (Applications for Registered User System Registration) Rules 2021. Instead, a specific electronic message format has been prescribed for the purposes of making an application for Trade Single Window registration.

The Customs (Domestic Transhipment Request) Rules 2021 set out the form, content and manner in which a request to Customs to tranship cargo domestically is to be made.

The Customs (Inward Cargo Report) Amendment Rules 2021 remove the legacy references to domestic transhipment requests, requiring importers seeking permission to tranship cargo domestically to use the process prescribed in the Customs (Domestic Transhipment Request) Rules 2021.These rules also clarify what information is required in some situations, to alleviate some minor issues experienced by Customs and clients when dealing with low risk goods.

Published: 13 January 2022