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Update: Imposition of anti-dumping duties on aluminium – zinc coated steel from the Republic of Korea

09.30am 11 January 2023

This includes goods currently subject to anti-dumping duties.

Anti-dumping duty is payable from 1 January 2023 on aluminium – zinc coated steel imported from the Republic of Korea.

The Minister of Commerce’s initial determination on 28 March 2022 of the antidumping duty was suspended under section 13B of the Trade (Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties) Act 1988 until 31 December 2022. The suspension has lapsed and therefore the duty is payable at the rates listed in section 3 below, applicable from 1 January 2023. The duty will remain in force until 29 March 2027.

Duty rates are set out in the Second Schedule to the gazette notice which is available via the Gazette Notice.

Also, for information, the gazette notices suspending the imposition of anti-duping duty cab be found via:

A copy of the Initiation Report and details on goods subject to anti-dumping / countervailing duties can be found via:

Update on goods currently subject to anti-dumping duties:

  • Aluminium – zinc coated steel from Korea (see above)
  • Canned peaches from Greece (continued after full review in April 2021)
  • Galvanised wire from Malaysia (continued after full review in December 2020)
  • Galvanised wire from China (imposed  from  March 2021)
  • Preserved peaches from Spain (continued after full review in May 2022)
  • Canned peaches from South Africa (continued after full review in March 2020)

There are currently no goods subject to countervailing action.

More information is available on MBIE’s website or on request from the MBIE’s Trade Remedies Team at