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Vessel Rio De La Plata - cargo to be released in Napier

04.11pm 12 August 2021

Advice to importers or declarants with cargo on the ship, Rio De La Plata.

The ship, Rio De La Plata (IMO 9357951), voyage number 126S, has now departed Tauranga, New Zealand bound for Tanjuung Pelapas, Malaysia. Some of the cargo that was due to be released into Napier remains on board and will return to New Zealand at a future date.

Import declarations have been entered and passed with either Deferred Accounts or Cash Accounts being debited or raised.

Customs advice is as follows:

Do not cancel Import lodgments if your cargo is still on board the ship. When the cargo is re-imported back into New Zealand, you can simply amend the shipping details in the lodgments with the new vessel name and dates.

This will not affect duty, GST and other charges debited to Broker Deferred and Client Deferred accounts when the original Import Entries were cleared. This is because those charges are generated by Entry Clearance, not date of importation.

The original entry charges will appear as usual on deferred payment account statements for the period, and GST registered entities can claim GST credits from Inland Revenue.

If you would prefer to cancel a lodgement, please contact Trade Assurance prior to cancelling at