Tariff concession notices

We publish tariff concession applications, approvals, withdrawals and amendments.

When an importer lodges an application for a new tariff concession, we publish the proposed concession wording in a tariff concession notice.

If we’re aware of a local producer or manufacturer of suitable alternatives, we will automatically decline your application. In these cases, we don’t publish a tariff concession notice.

New Zealand producers or manufacturers of suitable alternatives can lodge an objection against an advertised tariff concession notice. You must email or post your objection to us within 3 weeks of the notice’s publication.



New Zealand Customs Service
Valuation, Origin and Classification section
PO Box 29
Shortland Street
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

Withdrawals and amendments are also published in the New Zealand Gazette, as per the requirements of the Tariff Act 1988. 

NZ Gazette – tariff concession approvals, withdrawals and decline notices.

We collate and incorporate the approved tariff concessions into the Consolidated List of Approvals (PDF 2.81 MB) relating to Part II of the Tariff of New Zealand.

Tariff Concession Notices