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Russia Sanctions Updated Regulations

08.40am 22 April 2022

Importers, exporters and their agents are advised that new Regulations under the Russia Sanctions Act 2022 were made on 19 April 2022. 

These Regulations: 

  • Prohibit from 25 April 2022 the export of a range of goods to Russia and Belarus. The full list of tariff codes is listed in Schedule 3 of the Russia Sanctions Amendment Regulations (No 2) 2022.
    • Would be exporters of goods classified under the restricted codes should contact in the first instance with any questions, prior to attempting any export.
  • Impose from 25 April 2022 a 35 percent import tariff on all goods of Russian origin (regardless of country of export) – goods “en route” to New Zealand prior to 25 April are exempted this tariff.
    • Further operational details on the TSW mechanics of this tariff (essential information for Customs brokers/declarants) can be found here.
  • Impose sanctions on more Russian financial institutions.

The MFAT Russia Sanctions webpage, which includes the Russia Sanctions Register, is being frequently updated, and importers, exporters and their agents are advised to check it regularly.