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Export animals

All pets, animals and animal products exported out of New Zealand must meet the requirements of the importing country.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has negotiated export requirements and certificates for most animals.


Export requirements describe the contents of an export certificate. Certificates are forms that need to be completed, be signed off by an official veterinarian, and travel with your pet.

Pets being taken out of NZ may also need an Animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC) from MPI. AWECs ensure that animals travel and arrive in good health.

Pet exporters

Pet owners should contact a registered pet exporter to organise the export of their animal. Pet exporters are familiar with export protocols and procedures. Some airlines will only deal with animal bookings through a pet exporter and not with the public.

If you are not using a pet exporter, you will need a MPI Official Veterinarian to sign the export certificate and AWEC prior to export.

Dogs and cats to Australia

Dogs and cats from NZ may enter Australia without the need for an import permit. However, an export certificate is still required. You can get an export certificate from a MPI approved registered veterinarian.

Dogs and cats to the UK

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows cats and dogs to enter the UK from NZ without quarantine, though there are Export Requirements.

Dogs and cats to the USA

NZ is classed as a "rabies free" country by the United States Department of Agriculture and there are no restrictions on exporting dogs and cats from NZ to the USA.

While no export certificate is required for dogs and cats being exported to the USA, most airlines will not accept animals for shipment unless they are accompanied by a letter stating the animal is well and fit to travel. Such letters can be completed by an NZ-registered veterinarian and must be written on headed veterinary practice note paper. Veterinary surgeons providing such letters must ensure that their name and qualifications are included.