Secure Exports Scheme

The Secure Exports Scheme (SES) helps New Zealand exporters minimise Customs delays at international borders and get priority in recovering from trade disruptions.

The SES means we have to intervene less in export movements. It also means countries we have a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with can trust our export movements more.

Other benefits of the SES include:

  • reduced fees for export entry lodgements
  • reduced paperwork
  • a dedicated point of contact
  • more time for you to load shipments and complete your export documentation
  • a secure supply chain from the point of packing to the point of export
  • showing your overseas customers that your security practices meet internationally-recognised standards (World Customs Organization SAFE Framework)
  • overseas importers who are committed to supply chain security
  • minimal trade disruption from security alerts
  • access to border clearance privileges for countries we have MRAs with
  • advice and assistance from us if you have issues at the borders of countries we have MRAs with.


Customs responsibilities

We are responsible for:

  • managing your application to become a partner, and providing feedback and advice on this process
  • helping you with questions or concerns about your supply chain
  • ensuring you comply with, and maintain, the agreed level of security
  • providing security assurance to your trading partners.

Your responsibilities

You are responsible for:

  • giving us accurate advance export information
  • maintaining the agreed level of security
  • working together with us for a ‘no surprises’ environment.

You must demonstrate that you meet the minimum standards for supply chain security. Your goods must be:

  • securely packaged
  • packaged on their own (ie not with other goods)
  • securely transported to their final shipping destination, without interference.

Further information can be found in Fact Sheet 34: Secure Exports Scheme (PDF 244 KB).

Join the SES

We use an outcomes-based rather than prescriptive approach. This means we’ll ask you how you’ll meet the minimum standards required.

You must complete:

Send your completed documents to

To request an amendment complete C15A Application to amend Customs-approved Secure Exports Scheme (DOCX 64 KB).