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Lodge your export entry

You must get electronic clearance for anything you export from New Zealand, or you won’t be able to export it. The only exception is some postal items.

Why do I need Customs clearance?

We need export clearances so that we can make sure:

  • no prohibited items leave NZ
  • restricted items leaving NZ have the correct permits
  • overseas trading partners can trust the security of NZ exports.

There are two types of export clearance:

  1. export entries
  2. electronic cargo information (ECI) reports.

In some cases, export entries allow exporters to zero-rate exports for GST purposes. You must give Inland Revenue (IR) a copy of your export entry. It will need to show your GST registration number.

We give export entry data to Statistics New Zealand so that they can produce statistics on:

  • overseas trade
  • balance of payments
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The Treasury, Reserve Bank and other national and international agencies use these statistics to forecast, monitor and manage NZ’s economic performance. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) uses these statistics to help businesses that want to export and to decide which sectors it works with.

Private companies use these statistics to monitor their market share and plan their business.

Export entries

Export entries give full details of your export, including how your item(s) are classified under the Tariff of New Zealand.

You must use an export entry if:

  • your item(s) have a free on board (FOB) value of more than NZ$1,000
  • you are claiming a drawback on duty you paid.