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Preferential tariff duty rates

Goods produced or manufactured in certain countries may qualify for preferential tariff duty rates.

Preferential tariffs

New Zealand has trade agreements with a number of countries. This means the duties on items from some countries are lower.

The rules of origin under New Zealand's free trade agreements and closer economic partnership agreements establish the thresholds for the preferential tariff offered under those agreements.

The rules and workings can be complex, so we advise that you use a customs broker or freight forwarder to help you.

Free trade agreements (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Free trade agreement tariff finder (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Tariff concessions

A tariff concession removes the Customs duty you’d have to pay on an item.

You can find out more about concessions in:

Apply for a tariff concession

Send your completed documents and application fee to: 

New Zealand Customs Service
Valuation, Origin and Classification section
PO Box 29
Auckland 1140
New Zealand

We charge $398.67 (including GST) for each tariff concession application.