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Send items overseas

Exporting non-commercial containers and/or cargo

You must have a Customs export clearance for any non-commercial cargo you’re exporting from New Zealand, including:

  • personal/household effects
  • unaccompanied baggage gifts
  • pets.

There are two types of export clearance:

  • Electronic Cargo Information report (ECI), which is only done by brokers as part of their service in shipping your items
  • export entry.

You must get a delivery order and pay export clearance charges before you can export your items.

If you’re using a courier, they will often complete the export clearance for you. You can also use a broker or freight forwarder. If you're a private (ie non-commercial) exporter, we can help you complete your export entry.

Note: you may need to give us 48 hours' notice if you need our help.

Customs export entry

Use an export entry if your items are:

  • worth more than NZ$1,000 and not:
    • gifts for people who live outside New Zealand
    • luggage and personal/household effects
    • tools of trade.

Excess baggage

You don’t need an export clearance if:

  • your baggage weighs more than the free allowance
  • you pay excess baggage charges when you check in.

Sending your pet out of New Zealand

You must make sure that any pet, animal or animal product you send out of NZ meets the requirements of the country you’re sending them to.

New Zealand is classified as "rabies-free". To export your pet, you’ll need from MPI:

You should contact a registered pet exporter if you’re sending a pet out of New Zealand.

If you’re not using a pet exporter, you’ll need an MPI Official Veterinarian to sign your export certificate and AWEC before you can export your pet.

Sending your dog or cat to Australia

Dogs and cats from New Zealand don’t need an import permit for Australia.

You still need an export certificate. You can get these from a MPI-approved registered vet.

Sending your pets to other countries

There are different requirements if your pet:

  • isn’t a dog or cat, and
  • isn’t going to Australia.


You can send many food items out of New Zealand, but not all. To find out what items – including food – you can send to other countries, ask your destination country's Embassy or High Commission (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

There are some items you can’t take out of NZ, or need permission to take out.