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Guides, tools and templates to assist in your Secure Exports Scheme journey.

The table on this page provides several resources to assist you in joining the SES, as well as useful tools and guides for when you are a member.

We regularly review the information we provide and what is needed or no longer relevant. If there is a particular topic or resource that you would like to see developed, please email us your suggestion to

Resource Purpose
SES Incident Reporting A template for reporting security incidents or issues to Customs.
SES Contact Sheet How to contact the SES team. In your security plan you will have specified where you will display this poster.
SES Secure Site Minimum Standards The minimum security standards if you operate a site where goods are packed.
SES Exporter Minimum Standards The minimum security standards if your goods are packed by another company.
SES Transport Operator Minimum Standards  
Seals and packing for air freight A guide on the process of applying a SES seal to an air freight package.
Seals for sea freight A guide on the process of applying a SES seal to a sea freight package.
SES Seal Register A template seal register, this can be used as it is, adjusted for your own needs, or used as a guide for creating your own seal register.
Transport Operators

What is expected of SES transport partners, including the checks you will do when transporting a shipping container.

Packing and loading for sea freight

A guide to the specific checks and processes you will need to integrate into your goods packing and loading.

Sample Site Map

An example of a site map for SES applicants.