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Valuation rulings

A valuation ruling provides legal certainty for determining the Customs value for your goods.

What’s a valuation ruling?

A valuation ruling is a binding decision by the chief executive of Customs on either the valuation method that will apply when you import specific goods or a specific aspect of one of the valuation methods. The ruling will be based on the facts and circumstances you present and Customs may request further information from you to reach a decision.

A valuation ruling can only be used by the person or entity that applied for it, and for the specific goods mentioned in that ruling. A ruling is valid for up to three years, unless any of the circumstances set out in section 343(1) apply.

How to get a valuation ruling

Before applying read: Guide to applying for a customs valuation ruling on imported goods (PDF 686 KB).

To apply, complete: C7C - Application for a Customs ruling (valuation of imported goods) (DOC 258 KB).

Make your application well before the goods are imported. We will consider post-importation applications on a case-by-case basis.

Ruling costs

The costs for valuation rulings is made up of the following:

  • initial application fee of $300 (including GST); plus
  • an invoice issued on completion of the ruling which covers both:
    • the time spent by Customs processing the ruling at an hourly rate of $116.48 (including GST) in excess of 2.5 hours spent by Customs in considering the application
    • any reasonable expense incurred during the processing of the ruling.


The maximum timeframe for Customs to make a valuation ruling is 150 days.

If you don't agree with a ruling

If you disagree with the ruling, you may appeal to the Customs Appeal Authority

Further information

You can read Customs operational policy for valuation rulings.