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Pay your deferred account

The information below outlines the requirements by you for paying your deferred account.


At the end of each month a statement will be posted or emailed to you. The statement will show:

  • your client code and credit limit
  • the period covered by the statement
  • the date each transaction was posted to your account
  • the reference number for the import entries
  • the name of the customs broker who cleared the entry and the corresponding broker job number
  • the amount of each debit or credit
  • the total GST amount 
  • the import transaction fee and Ministry for Primary Industries Biosecurity System Entry Levy
  • the net amount payable and due date.

You can check your statement against the importer’s copy of import entries lodged. If you employ a customs broker to transact your import clearances, you'll need to arrange with the customs broker to supply you with the information.

To reconcile incorrect debits on your statement ask your customs broker to request cancellation of the relevant entry from your account and contact us to ensure the incorrect amount is not debited from your bank account.

Note: the close off time for statements is 6pm on the last day of the month.

Discrepancies may occur if your customs broker has requested an entry adjustment after a statement has been generated. The entry adjustment may raise a credit, which will appear on the next statement, and is taken into account in the direct debit run. Partial payments made to top up your account before the direct debt run will also reduce the amount that will be direct debited. Your customs broker can provide you with details of any entry adjustments.

Pay your account

We only accept payment by direct debit.

If you don’t pay in time, we may:

  • withdraw the facility from you
  • add 1% late payment penalty to the unpaid amount
  • add 4% late payment penalty if the debt remains unpaid after 7 days past the due date
  • add compensatory interest which is calculated daily until the debt is paid in full
  • require you to pay any future duties before you get your goods
  • use the security you gave us to pay the overdue debt.

We reserve the right to:

  • take your goods and sell them to offset outstanding costs
  • take any other appropriate actions.

We'll only reinstate your account when you have paid us in full. You must apply in writing.

If you have questions about your statement, contact the Revenue Management Team by email: