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Import/Export documentation

What you will need to note on your import/export declarations when you are a member of the Secure Exports Scheme.

This page outlines the critical steps that must be taken to receive the SES benefits, for the goods leaving New Zealand as well as entering the overseas country.

You will not receive the trade facilitation benefits and your goods are more likely to be stopped for inspection if you do not follow the instructions laid out on this page.


The company name and address on export entries, import entries and shipping documents must match the details you have provided to the SES team. If you use other details on any of your documentation you will not receive the trade facilitation benefits (your goods are more likely to be stopped for inspection).

The company client code used for exports must also match the client code provided to the SES team. This will ensure the reduced export entry fee is applied.

Inform us of changes to your company name or address, or if exporting from a different client code, as soon as possible at

Export entries

The SES status of each shipment must be reported in the export entry lodged with Customs.

This is done by entering the following in the “additional information” section of your export entries;

  • Select code “Secure Export Partnership” in the “Other Information Type” field
  • The secure load site ID code, or codes, in the "Additional Information" field. When product in the shipment has been packed and secured using multiple load sites, report each Site ID code individually.
  • If you do not know your site code, email to request it
  • The unique SES seal number used on the Sea Freight containers must be recorded in the “Seal Number” field within the Containers section of the entry. This is not required for air freight exports.

Goods entering the destination country

You may need to provide your SES status to the countries your goods are being exported to as notification that you are a part of a secure supply chain. The instructions for each country are laid out below.

You will receive a letter with your own specific information when you are approved as an SES partner.

The person who is responsible for the documentation and declarations in the overseas countries must be made aware of the following instructions.


Your customs broker or customer will need to enter your Customs Client Identifier into the Australian Integrated Cargo System.


No action is required.

Hong Kong

No action is required.


You will need to provide your unique overseas supplier code to your customer for them to enter into the “Code of Foreign Exporter” field of the Japan Customs import entry.

People’s Republic of China

Your SES approval number needs to be entered in the reference column of the Chinese import declaration in the format:

AEO<Partner Number>

e.g. AEO<NZ12345>

Republic of Korea

You will need to provide your SES approval number to your broker or customer so that this can be entered into the “Supplier (Overseas Business Partner)” field of the Korean Customs import declaration.


You will need to provide your SES approval number to your customs broker or customer for them to enter into the TradeNet declaration, in the following fields:

Declaration field in TradeNet Information to be declared
Customs Procedure Code (CPC) "AEO"
Processing Code 1 (PC1) "NZ"
Processing Code 2 (PC2) [SES approval number without the "NZ" prefix] e.g. 12345


You will need to provide your SES approval number to your customs broker or customer for them to enter in to the “AEO code” field of the import declaration form.


Importers are required to complete the following information in the Import Declaration form.

  • Country code: NZ
  • AEO number (SES Approval): (example) NZ1234
  • AEO (SES) Exporter name (Consignor name) see below:
SES Exporter Name Status Example
Kiwi Example Technology Limited


Kiwi Example Technology Limited
Kiwi Example Technoloty Ltd
Kiwi Example Technology Co. Ltd

United Kingdom

No action is required.

United States of America

A Manufacturers Identification (MID) is required for all shipments to the USA. If you export to the USA, your customs broker or shipper will obtain the MID on your behalf.

You will need to advise Customs of the MID, as this needs to be included in the SES member information Customs provides United States Customs and Border Protection agency.