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Changes to a Security Plan

What to do if your business is making a change that affects its security or supply chain.

If you are a current partner, secure load site, or transport partner, you have a security plan approved by customs that outlines your business' security measures and the conditions you have agreed to as part of the Secure Exports Scheme (SES).

If you need to update or change your security plan, or are planning to make a change that will affect your security plan in the future, you need to contact Customs as soon as possible by emailing with an outline of what is changing.

Customs will determine what is appropriate for the changes you intend to make. In some situations, the SES team can just update the records Customs holds, in other situations you may need to update your existing security plan or create a new security plan; for example, if you are moving premises. 

Below are examples of changes we need to be notified of:  

  • A change in the SES point of contact at your business
  • Changes to your site security, i.e., a fence being removed
  • Business details changing; business name, address, email, ownership
  • Business expansion, adding a new site or expanding the current one
  • Wanting to use a new secure load site or transport partner
  • Changes to your exports; such as exporting to new countries, or exporting under a different client code.

If you are unsure, please email to seek clarification.