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Reporting security breaches

When and how to report security issues.

You are expected to notify Customs if there is a security breach on your premises or any incident that compromises the security of your supply chain.

Customs needs to know about security breaches to identify patterns of suspicious incidents and investigate the breach if needed. Reporting a breach will not compromise your Secure Exports Scheme (SES) membership.

If you identify any of the following incidents, please email a completed copy of the Incident Reporting form (PDF 161 KB) to

  • Any container which has been tampered with, including any unauthorised goods located.
  • Security plan has not been followed, resulting in an increased risk to export goods.
  • Unauthorised entry to the site or suspicious activity targeted at export goods.
  • Suspicious or unusual documentation changes or requests.
  • Missing SES seals.
  • An SES seal on a container has been damaged or removed (excluding when seals are replaced on site as part of container loading processes).
  • Cyber security breaches that could compromise the supply chain, or where export data has been compromised.

You are required to display this Customs poster (PDF 1.7 MB) that provides instructions on how to report security incidents to Customs. This should be displayed in a prominent place where it is easily accessible to relevant staff.