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Becoming a partner

What you need to know.

To be approved as a Secure Exports Scheme (SES) partner you need to:

  • Be exporting by air freight, sea freight full container loads, or both.
  • Be packing for and/or transporting goods to port for an SES partner.
  • Your exports need to be sealed. If the goods you export need the carton or container to be open, unfortunately you will not be able to join the scheme. Note that small passive vents, such as those built into a shipping container, are acceptable.
  • Commit to maintaining SES security standards and applicable training.

How to apply

Applications to become an SES partner can be submitted through the Business Connect website. You will need to register for a RealMe account or use your existing RealMe to apply.

Once your application is submitted, our team will be in touch to arrange a visit to your site/s and to talk about the next steps.

Full supply chain

Your New Zealand based supply chain partners will need to join the scheme along with you to form a secure supply chain. Companies who pack your goods will need to apply to the scheme and become a Secure Load Site (SLS) unless they’re already approved to pack and load for an existing SES partner. In the sea freight space, the companies that transport your containers from the packing facility to the port will need to apply to become approved transport partners.

Customs will work with both your secure load sites and transport partners to make sure they meet the required security standards and understand the actions they must take and the processes they must follow.

Can I export full containers and less-than-full containers?

Only full shipping containers can be shipped as SES approved. Goods shipped as a part of a container packed with other companies’ goods will not receive the trade facilitation benefits with our overseas partners. You will not be eligible to join the scheme if your goods are shipped this way.

What will my business have to do?

Your business will agree to do a range of security focused activities, the majority of which you probably already do. These include things like:

  • Sealing containers or packages using approved seals
  • Keeping training records
  • Periodically checking your businesses buildings, sites and systems are secure
  • Checking your business is filling out export documentation correctly
  • Making sure only authorised people have access to your site.

What does it cost?

There is no joining fee.

Your business may need to do some on-site work if the security situation at your site poses serious risks i.e., if there is no secure space to store container seals, you will have to arrange a lockable cupboard or similar.

Need help or have questions?

We understand that every business has its unique circumstances and challenges. We are happy to visit your site and walk through your business' particular context, if it is appropriate, to see if SES would be a good fit for you. If you have any questions, please email us at and we will be happy to help.