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Information for Secure Load Sites

Businesses that pack and load export goods on behalf of exporters.

Secure Load Sites (SLS) are a critical part of the supply chain that pack, load, and seal goods on behalf of exporters. Approved SLS must meet the security standards appropriate to their business.

If you are a business that packs goods on behalf of exporters, you can apply to become an SLS. You don’t need to be working with an existing SES partner to join the scheme.

Export businesses may also nominate you to become their SLS when completing their application to join the scheme. If a business that you pack and load for decides to join SES, you'll need to apply to become an SLS to continue packing their export goods.

If you are an exporter using a third party to load your goods, both your business and the loading business will need to apply and become accredited SES members unless you are using an already approved SLS.

Apply to become a secure load site through Business Connect.

Benefit to you

As an SLS, you can pack and load goods for SES exporters. If an existing SES partner wants to use the packing and loading services your company provides, you will be able to pack goods for them without having to re-apply.

What you will need

The application in Business Connect will take you through all the security questions you must answer. Once your Business Connect application has been received, a Customs officer will be in contact to guide you through the rest of the process. The only thing you must prepare outside of the application is a site map that outlines the key areas on your site.

Your key responsibilities

  • Ensuring the goods are packed correctly and securely
  • Sealing containers correctly, including checking the seals
  • Seal storage and records
  • Maintaining and being aware of your site security