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Benefits of becoming a partner

Learn about the benefits of becoming a Secure Exports Scheme partner.

Being an accredited Secure Exports Scheme (SES) partner is an indication of high-quality supply chain security. It means that Customs has independently assessed your business and confirms you meet World Customs Organization standards.

As an SES partner, you will have access to benefits which save your business time and money.

Reduced export entry transaction fees

Partners get half price export entry fees. These are charged against each entry which is per full container in sea freight or each package in air freight.

  • NZ$3.81 – Cost per export entry for SES partners
  • NZ$7.96 – Cost per export entry for non-partners

Reduced customs interventions and inspections

A number of countries recognise Secure Exports Scheme partner status under Mutual Recognition Arrangements. SES exporters receive trade facilitation benefits when you export goods to those countries, which means your goods are less likely to be stopped for intervention.

Exports processed through the scheme are recognised as coming through a secure supply chain. Our data shows that non-SES exports are six times more likely to be stopped at New Zealand borders and seven times more likely to be stopped in China.

Priority processing

If your goods are held by Customs leaving New Zealand they are prioritised and actioned first where possible, enabling SES partners to get their goods released faster. Customs also has plans in place to prioritise movement of SES partners’ goods in the event of a major system outage or trade disruption.

Secure supply chain status

When you sign up to be an SES partner you are given the option of being listed on our online SES partners list. This can be used to show your business has a secure supply chain and is committed to security. Being placed on this list is an indication of the effort you have undertaken and confirms that you are a trustworthy and reputable business. It is proof to your overseas partners that you are a secure business, as well as being a place where security-minded potential clients can find your business.

Note: public listing is optional.

Security assessment

Many partners use the SES scheme to evaluate how their business operates, what they are doing well and what improvements can be made. Partners find it useful to have a set framework and criteria to assess against. This framework generally improves the way your business treats security, quality and planning.

Customs’ system support

Customs will provide support to SES partners who want to lodge their own export entries. This includes obtaining a UUI (declarant code). We can provide advice on export entries and adjustments, tariff classifications, and valuation of goods, and provide technical assistance for TSW Online users.

Support with trade disruptions in MRA destinations

Customs has people based in 13 overseas locations to help SES members interpret trade agreements, navigate non-tariff barriers, and help with clearance issues.

Connecting to other government agencies

The SES team has contacts across agencies and organisations in New Zealand, such as MPI and NZTE and can connect you to the right person if you’re not sure who to speak with or need help to make contact.