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Preparing a Site Map

Guidance for preparing a site map for your Secure Exports Scheme application.

Providing a site plan as a part of your Secure Exports Scheme (SES) application gives Customs a general overview of your site and the environment it operates in. This enables the SES team to apply the security requirements that are appropriate for your site.

Customs understands that some businesses may be hesitant to provide some of the details listed below on a site map. All information and attachments in your SES application are managed securely in both the Business Connect platform and in Customs’ IT systems. The SES team are the only people who have access to the information you supply and would be happy to discuss if you or your company have any concerns.

The type of partner you are going to be determines the features to include on your site map. The table at the bottom of this page outlines the list of features to include on the sitemap. There is no need to include a feature if it does not exist on your site. If you do not have any sites you are not required to provide a site map.

Your site map does not have to be created by a professional. Your map can be made in software such as Microsoft Word, or hand drawn. Using an image from Google Maps can provide a good starting point. It is important to make sure the appropriate features are clearly marked and can be easily understood. See sample site map (PDF 113 KB).

  Sites that pack and load export goods via sea Sites that pack and load goods via air Transport operators who store containers overnight
Company name and site address Yes Yes Yes
Buildings and their access points Yes Yes Yes
Cargo storage area Yes Yes  
Goods packing area Yes Yes  
Container loading area Yes    
Empty container storage Yes    
Sealed/loaded container storage area Yes  


  • SES containers
  • Other companies' containers
Emergency evacuation assembly point Yes Yes  
Security camera locations Yes Yes  
Security lighting locations Yes Yes Yes
Perimeter fencing and access points Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle parking Yes Yes  
Transport operator traffic flow Yes    
External perimeter features, e.g. roads Yes Yes Yes