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The Comptroller has recently made two new Rules

07.57pm 11 July 2022

All two rules came into effect on 30 June 2022.

The Comptroller of Customs has recently made two new Chief Executive Rules: Customs (Applications for Customs-controlled Area Licences) Amendment Rules 2022 and Customs (Inward Report) Amendment Rules 2022. 

The Rules revoke and replace manual forms, in order to better reflect the user experience of Trade Single Window.

The Customs (Applications for Customs-controlled Area Licences) Rules 2021 prescribe a specific electronic message format and two physical forms to be used by clients to make an application for a Customs-controlled Area Licence. The new amendment rules remove the manual application form (C11) so that all applications must be made online through TSW. Form C12 remains in the rules as it is a declaration to be made by applicants.

The Customs (Inward Report) Rules 2004 prescribe how inward reports are made and include the physical form to be used to submit the inward report. The amendment rules revoke the existing inward report form (C1) and replace it with an updated version.